Eyelash Plucking


I am a Master Lash Artist, triple certified by Borboleta Beauty. I currently offer Classic, Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volume for the same price. I customize your set for your eyes and wishes without you having to worry about what it may do to your pocketbook. As my client list grows, and the demand on my time grows with it, I will gently raise my bar of pricing. Since I work at home, in a spa like setting, you will have privacy, music and top quality lashes. I use Borboleta lashes, made in America, soft and gorgeous. My full sets are $85, fills are $55 if done within three weeks (max) of your set.

Blond Wavy Hair


I have worked in a high end salon,  and honed in on the perfect balayage and babylights. We can cover gray all day, or bring some fun color into your life. I enjoy doing beautiful long layers and customized cuts. If you have a man in your life needing some "manscaping," I can rock a fade, having worked at Sport Clips as well. Just have him book a cut without style. My booking choices are pretty straight forward. If I have never colored your hair or met you, please pick up a phone call or answer a text from me, which I usually make the day or two after your first booking. 

Your lash space, in a spa-like spot at m

My clients love getting their lashes done as the winter sun or summer breeze pours in from the window.