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SILX Luxury Hair Sparkle

I have invested in this product and am a SILX Affiliate!

I am a SILX Affiliate!
SILX Luxury Hair Sparkle

It's a new luxury street style which is coming out of the Front Range! Invented in Tinmath after some tinsel was placed in a client's hair and then permanently fused to her extensions-- causing them to be ruined. Founder, Noelle Garcia, learned from the experience and invented SILX which are heatproof to 500 degrees and will not fuse to your hair, causing a tinsel haircut! They are woven on to a single hair strand with the special SILX tie-in method, so they are easy to brush and will last for the life of the hair strand: from a few days to a few months! Even conservative jobs seem to be okay with their employees wearing SILX.

As a SILX affiliate, I am one of only about 60 independent stylists in America who can install your bling. SILX are the luxury, one-of-a-kind hair sparkle which can be curled, straightened, colored, bleached and blown dry up to 500 degrees without damage to hair or bling.

#SILX Host a SILX Party! Create a buzz at your next event or party! Invite me to bring on the bling at a bachelorette party or girls's night and watch the fun go down. Ladies and little girls love SILX! Facebook invited SILX to their holiday party, chiropractic wellness events and medical spas have had SILX as a fun client treat, retail stores can invite SILX to spice up a few hours of a special sales event. Pitch me your event and we'll create a tie in. Book me for a flat fee and your guests get SILX for free with purchase or not, you decide!

Or ... host a private bling, wine and cheese night and watch as your friends treat themselves to their own set while you, as host, get a set of SILX luxury hair sparkle for free. They are 5 strands for $20 (each strand folds in half so they appear to be double the amount) and 10 strands for $35. I'll bring the card reader and there is no sales pressure, it is just an exciting add on when you see the SILX station set up!

Please use the "Contact Me" form on the bottom of my homepage to book a SILX party or make an event inquiry or text me at my personal cell 970.237.2839.

If you are interested in becoming a SILX affilate just google those four letters and please tell them Sabrina sent you!



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