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Beauty Upkeep: Guilty Pleasure or Healthy Choice?

Okay Beautiful People ... Looks are subjective and all tied up with media influence, but let's talk about YOUR self care and what makes you feel better. Beauty ... what are the qualities you have going for you? (YES you have beautiful qualities.) Think about your routine and products, is it a bunch of superficial hokum or not? What if beauty was connected to well-being?

What if it were scientifically proven that a person's wish to maintain that which we all see from the outside--hair, style, skin--was actually creating health and beauty from within?

Welcome to the brave new world of medicine, which backs up our love of the salon! According to a study (1) by NYC Psychologist Dr. Vivian Diller, caring about your looks IS caring for your whole self. She reports to Yahoo Beauty that the crux of her study, which she calls

My beautiful client Brenda, upon seeing red color slices in her blonde hair for the first time!

subjective well-being, "...may help us live a long and vital life well into our 80s and 90s."

It's one of those a-ha moments, as in, "A-HA! Science proves what I believed all along." Can I get an amen?

Dr. Diller's study explains that looking in a mirror and feeling good about what is in the reflection can lead to improved sleep, eating and self-care habits as well as better immunity. The good Doctor says that experiencing this subjective well-being, "actually improves your health." She goes on to say, "We all want the same things, we want to feel and look good. That was really the seed of the work that I've been doing for 20 years--to help women not feel so guilty about how they look. One of the reasons not to feel guilty is that beauty and health are NOT separate."

Dr. Diller? You are preaching to my choir.



1. http://wwwear.it/HbhXxk

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